A proven crawl, walk, run roadmap for using AI-powered enterprise chatbots to improve student engagement

Improving student engagement with chatbots is less about the technology and more about the strategy. In fact, to get the most out of your engagement, you need a roadmap that helps you achieve critical milestones in a step-wise manner.  Based on our work with multiple universities, financial services organizations, and leading e-commerce companies, ThoughtFocus has designed a roadmap that helps organizations accelerate the future and improve student engagement quickly.Download the free white paper from YANA and the team at ThoughtFocus, “Roadmap to Chat Deployment Success” to understand and examine a proven roadmap for chat deployment success.

This paper also explains how to:

  • Get started with AI and see an immediate impact within 2 weeks
  • Align your deployment with the things your students need most
  • Better understand how student engagement can be mapped to a successful deployment

Get the New Roadmap to Chat Deployment Success and learn the proven four-step process for achieving critical KPIs faster – with less risk.