YANA – Enterprise Omni-Channel AI-Powered Chatbot and Live Agent System

Improve the productivity of your support, contact, and sales teams

Scale customer delight and accelerate contact, sales, and support center productivity with YANA – an AI chatbot and live agent system

More than just a chatbot

YANA is an AI-powered enterprise chatbot – a support center solution that can help you deliver personalized customer delight at scale. Let us show you how YANA can deliver amazing customer experiences, increase your revenue, improve contact center productivity, and shorten the sales process. With YANA, success is guaranteed!

And, getting started is easy. In fact, with YANA, an operational proof of concept can be ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within 2 weeks. See for yourself. Request a copy of our proven four stage chatbot deployment roadmap that outlines a simple crawl-walk-run strategy for chatbot deployment success.


YANA is delivered as an AI-powered, SaaS-based omni-channel application that functions as tier-one support and autonomously engages customers across mobile, social, email, chat, and voice until an intelligent and relevant human hand-off is needed.

With an easy to deploy (get our free chatbot deployment roadmap) enterprise architecture, YANA will quickly improve support team productivity. Whether in higher education, financial services, help desk, retail, government, or more, you can count on YANA to deliver a guaranteed 30% or more reduction in tier 1 queries to help desk or contact center staff.

YANA learns

It is powered by machine learning algorithms that “learn” and can comprehend human language, not just conditional logic. The more conversations YANA has, the more “intelligent” YANA becomes.

Plus, YANA is faster and cheaper than developing a cross platform app or integrating multiple systems. When call volume increases, YANA handles excess queries – reducing staffing, training, and payroll costs.

Get our new white paper and learn how we train YANA so that escalation to a human is natural, more efficient, and profitable.

Easy to Deploy Enterprise Architecture

YANA’s microbot architecture allows institution to start small and expand as users adapt. The self-service framework of YANA makes it easy to automate any business process and and make it available via chat

YANA offers variety of channels through which any organization can stay in touch with their users. In fact, one organization discovered that they were able to unify multiple departments. YANA provides a unified experience across multiple silos – ensuring that user get the answers they need, right away.

Improve Access to Information

Difficult to navigate or complex support structures destroy the user experience.

Unify multiple sources of information by simplifying search with YANA.

Stop frustrating the user. YANA simplifies complexity, makes useful recommendations and integrates easily with your current systems. YANA facilitates easy access to data by Text/Speech interface by integrating with right campus data source.

Get Started

Are you ready to scale engagement and supercharge your productivity? Schedule a demo and see what YANA can do for you, today.

An operational proof of concept can be ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within 2 weeks.

If you want to talk now, give us a call at +1 949-777-6404 or email info@yanatalk.com.