YANA Features & Benefits

Unlike rules-based chat programs that simulate human interaction (using pre-defined conditional rules), YANA is an AI-powered, SaaS-based omni-channel application that functions as tier-one support and autonomously engages customers across mobile, social, email, chat, and voice until a human takes over.

Scale customer engagement

Improve the student experience

Respond faster to support queries

Transform contact center productivity

AI-powered omni-channel enterprise chatbot and live agent system (and so much more)


Multi-Step Deployment Roadmap

Quickly deploy YANA in your support, contact, or sales center with a proven roadmap that moves you from crawl, walk, run efficiently.

Every Channel

Stay connected with customers – no matter where they are. YANA supports voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WebChat and more. Connect all your channels in a single dashboard.


The ability to provide a customized experience to customers by delivering exactly the content they need can create unique opportunities for personalization.



First tier 24/7 assistance plus the ability to escalate a query to a real person can dramatically reduce staffing requirements in the contact center. When more customer attention is needed, escalation rules move more complex queries into the hands or more experienced staff.


Embed within Salesforce, Zendesk, or nearly any other CRM. Customization is easy – API integrations to pull in inventory data, customers’ past orders, payments, enterprise platforms, and more.


When customers are on your website, they are more receptive to your messaging. Using chatbots to get prospective customers the information they want – when they want can dramatically transform lead generation processes and increase conversion rates.


Deploy Fast

YANA is 100% cloud. Deploy exactly what you need – when you need it. You have complete control.



When it comes to improving the customer experience with the call center, nothing is better than an immediate and relevant response. With no wait time, customers have answers to their queries fast. Depending on the question, answers can be provided using rich content such as videos and more.

Guaranteed Performance and ROI

Quantifiable and guaranteed ROI at every phase of the deployment.


By integration multiple channels with the chatbot, customers get a seamless experience – whether they are on the website, on their phone, or using a social media chat client. When everything is consistent and unified, customers are happier.

Complete Control

Easily create, change, or extend every part of YANA. Connect your existing contact center with new channels – add AI-powered chat, social media, or IVR.


A chatbot is faster and cheaper than developing a cross platform app or integrating with multiple systems. If call volume has increased, a chatbot can quickly handle a large volume of incoming queries – reducing staffing, training, and payroll costs.

Get Started

Are you ready to scale engagement and supercharge your productivity? Schedule a demo and see what YANA can do for you, today.

An operational proof of concept can be ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within 2 weeks.

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