Scale customer engagement

Improve the student experience

Respond faster to support queries

Transform contact center productivity

YANA is an AI-powered enterprise chatbot and live agent system (and so much more) that can help you improve customer engagement.

Let us show you how YANA can deliver amazing customer experiences, increase your revenue, improve contact center productivity, and shorten the sales process.

Managed Contact Center

Add managed chat to your contact center. Fees are based on performance – and performance is guaranteed!

Chatbot Deployment Success

New chat deployment roadmap explains how to reduce tier 1 call volume by 20% effectively.

AI chatbot - deployment roadmap handoff to human operator

How to train an AI Chatbot

Learn how to make escalation to a real human natural, seamless – and profitable.

Reduce Crisis Call Volume

Lessons from COVID now available. Reduce your contact center’s workload during a crisis.

Chatbots for Government

State of Georgia names YANA AI Chatbot strategy & implementation partner.

Elevate Your Contact Center

Learn how YANA can improve your contact center productivity.

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