AI Chatbot With Guaranteed Performance

Deployed in multiple industries, YANA is built for quickly scaling contact center productivity.

Whether in higher education, financial services, help desk, retail, government, or more, you can count on YANA to deliver a guaranteed 20% or more reduction in tier 1 queries to help desk or contact center staff – or you pay no license fees until your milestones are achieved.

Getting started is easier than you’d think – plus results are guaranteed!

Need to understand the best path forward?

Request a copy of our deployment roadmap and see what kind of results you can expect within 2 weeks. With YANA and ThoughtFocus, results can be achieved quickly. Most clients see a dramatic reduction in tier 1 support queries fast. Scale your support team without hiring. Get in touch to schedule a demo.

Higher Education

YANA answered more than 18,000 questions per month – dramatically improving the productivity of under-staffed advising and admissions staff.

Financial Services

Up and running in a financial services call center in less than 45 days using a proven deployment roadmap. On track to achieve pre-defined ROI milestones within 90 days!

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An operational proof of concept can be ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within 2 weeks.

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