As with most things, the biggest challenge for adopting AI-powered chat is time, money, and expertise.  

A well-defined strategy for customer engagement using enterprise AI-powered Chatbots involves much more than simply deploying the technology. 

A new white paper from ThoughtFocus outlines the four most important deployment steps for realizing chatbot ROI – organized in a crawl, walk, run approach that deploys specific functionality at each level. A stepwise approach means that consumer value increases at each level. Crawl, walk, run also delivers value faster and minimizes the risk of project scope creep.  

YANA AI chatbot

YANA AI chatbot is more than just chat – integrate with all your applications

The business case for AI chatbots as a human alternative for first-level query resolution is easy to calculate and understand. However, successful deployments are complex and require thought and care to be successful. 

Small and mid-sized organizations competing with giants need must define and prioritize resources — both financial and technical – in order to meet and exceed consumer expectations and the chatbot driven customer experience.   

  • What functionality is within reach quickly? 
  • Where do we get our biggest impact from AI chat? 
  • How do we mitigate project risk?  

The white paper answers these questions with an enterprise chat deployment roadmap where cumulative consumer value increases as each step is completed.  

Where larger organizations typically implement everything at once, ThoughtFocus typically advocates a crawl, walk, run approach that delivers a viable proof of concept quickly (within 2 weeks) and then charts a choreographed path to additional, cumulative business value. 

In fact, using a well-defined roadmap, YANA – an AI-powered chatbot from ThoughtFocus – ROI is guaranteed.