Chatbots for Higher Education: Using AI Chatbots for University Crisis Communication

Managing Student Retention With Better Communication During COVID

Chatbots for Higher Education: In higher education, front line admissions and counseling are challenged with overwhelming call volume from concerned students and parents – all looking for answers that may not exist.

  • When does class start?
  • How do I do my clinical studies remotely?
  • Are the dorms open?
  • Are refunds available?
  • What are COVID numbers on campus?

For this reason, many universities have embraced AI chatbots – and more specifically AI-powered “digital assistants” that handle tier 1 queries autonomously until escalation to a human is necessary.

This new white paper explains the many ways AI chatbots:

Automate a large percentage of first-tier help desk support queries to free up staff so they can spend more time in real conversations with students.

Reduce the impact of staffing shortages by automating routine Q&A so that front line staff is focused on solving problems that require human intuition.

Better understand customers with analytic tools that improve engagement and ensure communication is engaging and valuable.

Unify crisis communication and critical news and updates across all channels – text, web, voice, and more.

Download the free white paper to better understand how AI-powered chat improves student retention and engagement during times of confusion, crisis, and upheaval.