Training Truly Smart Chatbots to Become Value-Contributing
Members of Your Customer Service or Support Team

Marrying technology and human expertise to meet complex customer service demands, cost-effectively.

Whether talking with an AI chatbot or a friendly customer service rep, your customers expect always on convenience. That means, the technology you use to support your customers is just as important as the people you hire. Technology won’t replace your agents but it will let them take routine requests off their plates and give them more time to provide personalized and positive experience for your customers.

Training an enterprise AI-chatbot and perfecting the bot to human hand-off is essential to program success.

YANA works hand-in-hand with your agents to help customers find answers, place orders, and fix problems. When your agents are working with customers, YANA is also there, working in the background, advising agents and suggesting additional resources and content to support the conversation.

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