How YANA helps Students

Students Want Answers When & Where They Need It

Students complain of long waits for advisors and want accurate reliable info in a snap.

YANA gives students 24/7 access when and where they need it: on smartphones, online, a favorite social platform or smart speakers in the dorm. YANA’s got the answers to academic, advisory, administration and so many other questions! Privacy protected of course!

Engage with the Campus Community

Whether they’re a new kid on campus, or in a new class, students want to get engaged with the campus community

YANA’s got the info students need to link up with clubs, causes and crew as fast as they can personalize your profile. Students can search interests and receive notifications about events, locations, tickets etc. that’ll keep their calendars crammed!

Get Medical / Financial / or Other Services?

We don’t think about some services until we actually need them. Do students know where to get help with a cold or talk about stress with a counsellor?

YANA can find help students find medical help, counselling, financial aid and any other help required, right on your campus.

Want Students to Graduate in the Shortest Possible Time?

Saving time in school to start their career and contain cost are important to your students. How can you help them ace both these challenges?

YANA can help track courses and GPA requirements, and even red-flag bottle-neck courses. Ensure students meet deadlines with YANA alerts and notifications.

Things You Can Ask YANA

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