YANA Works for Prospects

Many languages for your messages

Dealing with a diverse pool of candidates? YANA is ready to promote your school in their language of choice

Harness YANA’s AI as your website concierge to answer all parent and prospect questions in text in different languages! Or download the app and have applicants dive right into your promo from virtual tours to testimonials.

The Tech Hook

Sports, academics, internship opportunities? So much bait. Which one will land the application?

YANA’s AI technology excites and engages Millennials. Stimulated by their influencer status,  millennial candidates enjoy using the cutting edge technology. Take your place as an institution in the lead.

Engaging the quality of candidate you want?

Quality with quantity of applications may be your goal. How do you get the candidates you want from thousands of interested people?

YANA can engage the kind of student you want by customizing information to the candidate’s interest.

Managing inquiry volume in limited timeframes

Recruiting is yearlong but volumes peak at certain times. Is your department efficiently fielding thousands of inquiries?

YANA does volume accurately by integrating with your existing systems to provide a single source with all the answers.

Different Messages for Different Target Groups?

Its challenging to reach diverse groups, so how can you keep connected to candidates?

YANA creates groups for notifications and ensures the right people get relevant information as fast as possible.  Applicants customize their preferences and you can customize your notifications and the information they receive.

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